Friday, July 1, 2011

Night Shots

Monica: It's a new moon tonight and the first day of July, marking the beginning of the second half of 2011. Summer has just begun, but already it feels like we're creeping toward fall here on the coast. Time is rushing relentlessly forward the older I get, and still I have no agenda for my future. I'm okay with not knowing where I'm headed. I'm okay with trusting that the path will make itself. All I need to do is keep walking.

Evelyn: Late night stroll, the railings at Crane's roost dripping with the last signs of purging clouds and humid air. The flitter of my thoughts, sounds of contented frogs, and late night fitness fans huffing to the beat of their eager feet. I will miss this, moving to a world where pockets of this kind of activity are unknown, adjusting my sails.

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