Monday, July 18, 2011

Mist & Wind

Evelyn: It is such a challenge to capture the movement of the breeze in photography but I was taken by the grassy creature along the walkway of the Dandelion Cafe, who whispered and shushed as currents of cool air moved through us both. It suited my camera well, called to me, and I felt as if I was like those grassy reeds, pushed around yet insistent on staying upright. Even the tresses on my head vacillated about and then stood poised with the air, as if massive hands were styling me at a salon. I stood my ground despite the unpredictable movement in my being, the unexpected changes blowing me about these last few weeks... Seems about right for both me and that grassy creature on the edge of the walkway.

Monica:  The fog blew in again today, this time bringing a drizzly mist along. When the sun is shining, I forget what a damp place this is we live in. A giant mushroom bloomed outside the garbage shed seemingly over night and it's only July. Fall is on its way too soon already.

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