Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Pleasures

Evelyn: Sipping Cuban café con leche, delighting in a cool Mt. Dora breeze at dinner with Jamie. Jamie took me out to celebrate the new job, and to put a close on a day of sorting, purging, piling, and packing with Beth. Coffee was a highlight with regards to consumption, better than the chocolate gelato later that evening. Better yet, spending the day with friends willing to lovingly help me move my life away, nurturing me through conversation and patience.

Monica: We've been extraordinarily busy with holiday weekend guests. For the first time in months, our campground is full of campers, groups of friends & families that are celebrating the holiday weekend at the coast, away from the inland heat. I meandered through the campground and chatted with various campers, snapping photos of all the activity.

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