Monday, July 25, 2011


Monica: This evening I convinced Michael to join me on my photo walk, intending to take a favorite trail out to the bluffs north of Caspar Creek where we could sit and watch the sunset. He reminded me that there was an abandoned house hidden by overgrowth we had discovered a few weeks before, but hadn't explored yet. We headed there instead and were delighted to discover a treasure trove of eerie beauty. Mother Nature was slowly taking over the old house, tree roots unsettling its foundation, vines and foliage wrapping its frame. A collage of pages torn from fashion magazines papered the walls of an outbuilding which once might have been someone's art studio. The whole place had that wonderful wabi-sabi quality I love so much, the beauty of natural decay and disorder.

Evelyn: There is a spirit tree behind the Spiral Circle that has me intrigued. Hung with colors, ribbons, stones, yarn, and small ghostly colored cloth squares that are bundled at the end like fat, moaning faces, I have wondered just what that tree is really about. I want to unwrap those hanging men, check what is hidden in the bundles that look like heads, and listen for the whispers and wishes that put them there. Perhaps I should add my own bundle to that tree, with my own wishes for new connections and growth, before my parting from this little haven for creativity.

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