Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Monica: The days have been uncharacteristically fog-free and sunny. I took a walk down to the beach in the early evening to enjoy the last warm, lingering rays of sunlight before dusk. I had fun secretly stalking the other beachgoers with my camera—a lone meditator sitting on the sand facing the sea, a woman playing fetch with her dog, some boys skipping stones in the creek.

Evelyn: I have been so busy today I had 5 minutes left on the clock for my picture of the day. My life is filled with figuring out how to create a sense of "place" for myself over the next 3 weeks, and unraveling my life here. The package of paperwork for the new job, and pile of "needs" for the trip were all I could muster up attention towards, eager to make sure nothing keeps me from starting that new job.

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