Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portraits of Sunshine

Evelyn: This is Adam. He is part of my Soulcare crew—someone with whom I can "share water" (comes from my Robert Heinlein days) and I love the way he articulates his world—his face a canvas of feelings and expressions that make him just fascinating, fun, playful, real, and connected. I am going to miss having easy access to my soul-group and I am excited for the ways they will continue doing the Artist's Way in Orlando. Meanwhile, I will take in the hugs till I have squeezed every last drop into my heart to carry to Palm Harbor.

Monica: I happened upon the Farmer's Market in Fort Bragg today, which I haven't visited since we first moved here. It was crowded and overpriced then, so I never made it a point to return. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the market had moved to a more open location and the produce and products were more reasonably priced. I enjoyed strolling through the market, checking out what's in season, the colors and shapes in baskets and bundles. I didn't think to take photos until I came across the sunflowers, my favorite. They are big, yet modest, and they radiate pure sunshine and joy.

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