Sunday, July 17, 2011

For Mama

Monica: My mother jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet to celebrate her 65th birthday today. I wish I'd been there to witness it. It doesn't surprise me in the least, being that this is the woman who taught me to take giant leaps of faith into the unknown, who taught me to have faith that I will eventually soar and land safely on the ground. My mother is a woman I cannot adequately describe, you just have to meet her once and you will never forget her. She is one of the most fearless, most brave people I know. And one of the most tender. Happy birthday, mama. I love you. 

Evelyn: It is my mother's birthday today. I like to call her Mama, as I have found a new connection with her and see her brilliance and bravery through different eyes. For her 65th, she jumped out of a plane and floated in the air, with the same courage she has worn throughout her life. I have known her to jump through trees, fearless, to fight for what she believes with tenaciousness, and to love so profoundly that the world can do nothing less than love her back. This little cactus caught my eye today, its curves fascinating, and the ridge a lot like a spine, and I saw in it the beauty of my mother, and her life line... the ridges and turns and hurdles... and the little blossoms beyond each obstacle. I love you Mama, plane-jumping, compassionate, beautiful, chili pepper of a woman that you are!

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  1. My two daughters, Evelyn Martha and Monica Jane, my two greatest accomplishments and richest treasure any mother could wish for. They have filled my life with more than I ever dreamed.
    Two old souls that emanate integrity, creativity, love for others. Their heart thrives in learning and teaching others how to find the beauty within. Evelyn has giving me my only grandson, smart, kind, gentle and a rubixs cube aficionado . I feel blessed and humble for the love they give me. I love you, both.