Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two Directions

Evelyn: Some of my life right now feels a lot like a leap of faith. Sorting, sorting, sorting my mind out, my stuff out, my time out, my clients out, and just trusting. Trusting there is a job there even though I don't yet see it, or feel it, waiting with open arms. Trusting there are friends, and new relationships, with open arms there, waiting to meet for coffee or discover the secrets of a new place. New romances, dancing, play, learning, and a well of creativity, waiting there for me to discover it...and it all calls to me, "Just LEAP, and eventually you will land, and it will all be alright." (I've been reminded lately, synchronously, that there are angels in my life, and all I have to do is trust. Hidden in the skeletal remains of an old turtle, dried and sun-bleached, I saw yet another winged reminder, whispering... grow, grow, grow!)

Monica: Today was overcast, which made for stunning colors in the early evening. Borage flowers glowed a moony blue. Everything was luminous.

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