Saturday, July 9, 2011

Purple Bouquets

Monica: This purple-flowering plant is a California native called Self Heal. The name is a mantra I've been repeating to myself for the past two weeks, encouraging my body to heal itself as it fends off an ear/sinus infection. I've been suffering from allergies since March, so my sinuses have already been doing battle with the environment for months now. Adding river water to the mix a couple of weeks ago only made things worse. In the past, I've gone to the doctor and gotten a prescription for antibiotics that got rid of the infection but wreaked havoc on the rest of my body. I'm hoping to avoid that route and since I don't have a fever or pain or green snot, I choose to be patient and suffer through the process of letting my body take care of it on its own.

Evelyn: Swing Dance has been a new adventure of mine, and recently, I have been attending any dance I can find and have time for. The Big Band Swing had a USO (Uniform Service Officer) dance and most of the population who attended wore period clothing (40's-50's). Lighting is never easy there, but the dancing is spectacular, moving me to exhaustion. This is the third dance I have attended this week (one at the Gulf Port Casino Ballroom, another at the Bayou Dance Club in Pinellas Park) and my hips have made it clear that there are still muscles I haven't touched at the gym that dancing obviously moves.

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