Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whirl & Twirl

Monica: Every time I come across a banana slug, I simultaneously cringe with revulsion and lean in closer to get a better look at its intricate, slimy, malleable body. This one was twisted on the stem of a fern leaf, munching away.

Evelyn: I have held steady to my swing dancing and Saturday nights at Whirl & Twirl provide an evening of dancing with people I am now getting to know. Dancing with friends makes for a more lighthearted experience, trying out moves we have learned in previous weeks, fumbling through kicks and connections, and sometimes tripping on my own toes during a spin or two. What I notice is that what once felt like a great lead feels too routine, and what once felt like a weak lead—with all this practice—feels like a more playful and stable dance partner. I feel safe to try things out and make mistakes, and best of all, learn to trust in the hands of different people, each swing out, each turn, and each swivel, rock, triple, and laugh.

1 comment:

  1. that is my girl! keep on swinging your body away. Fears are just a space of a confused brain.
    Can we go dancing together? I will be arriving there on 8-17. Hurray!