Thursday, July 21, 2011


Monica: We took the day off and headed to Noyo Harbor for lunch on the wharf and a kayaking adventure on the Noyo River. It was a perfect day, sunny and (relatively) warm. We made our way up the remarkably quiet and serene river surrounded by redwoods, spruce, and fir trees. I soaked up the sunshine, the beauty, and the peace of it, trailing my fingers in the cool water, smiling all the way.

Evelyn: Tonight I went barreling into Crave for the Jaguar Club meeting, in place of my dad who is still traveling with Justin this summer. The breeze was picking up and it was obvious a storm was working its way closer, the light getting close to that warm evening yellow, and I was shocked that I could capture these tree blossoms despite the breeze.

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  1. Now, that looks so refreshing, peaceful, soothing. I want to go there, too. One needs that scape at least once a month.