Sunday, July 10, 2011


Evelyn:  I haven't done much exploring around the neighborhood for quite some time, and this summer I am seeing more green than anything else as I drive. We have been having some pretty regular sprinklings of rain, and our "jungles" are looking lush—with a few splashes of unexpected color. My days have felt so mentally preoccupied that I have struggled to really "see" the world as I have... and in some ways I feel eager for a new place to live for a new collection of sites. Regardless, this delicate ladder of blooms lit up under my lens and brought me into the world I love, even if just for a moment.

Monica: The the light was so clean today that the colors of everything were intensely saturated. The robins egg blue of the sky, the shocking pink of roses blooming on the welcome sign, the sunny yellow of dandelions, the emerald green of grass. I love color so much it makes me want to burst.

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