Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Monica: Our coworker invited us to dinner at the Ledford House in Albion, a French restaurant that sits alone on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, surrounded by pristine golden hills. The ambiance was lovely, with simple but colorful decor, live jazz, incredible views (and a perfect sunset), and delicious food. I couldn't keep my camera in my bag, everything was so beautiful to look at and the light was perfect.

Evelyn: Uneventful packing and organizing day... and frankly I am sick of looking at boxes. When Nicole brought out her gecko, Ms. Bigglesworth, I was pleasantly distracted by her grumpiness. Nicole had the laborious task of getting the last of her "gloves" peeled off, as the little girl had shed but failed to peel off the extras and eat them. She is a funny looking one, whose tail looks much like her head—a great tactic for camouflage. I wonder what I need to wear to disappear amidst the boxes.

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