Friday, July 22, 2011


Evelyn: Things are coming off the walls, the rooms a mass of tape and towers of cardboard... the process getting more serious and better organized. I am sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel—not sure how much more to go. As I look at the barren walls I am aware of just how much my art has made my space a cozy cocoon, vibrating with self expression and color.

Monica: I was blindsided this morning by a sudden fight with Michael that materialized out of nowhere and escalated into a riot of anger within seconds. He took off in the car and headed to town. I put on my hiking boots and headed into the forest. We so rarely fight, it's unsettling to us both when we do have an argument that sends us hurtling in opposite directions, stewing in our resentments. The stillness of the redwoods and the speckled light filtering down to the forest floor calmed me and cleared my head. Three hours later, I returned home ready to make peace; he was one step ahead of me. There on the dining table was his peace offering, a single giant sunflower in a blue vase. 

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