Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Flowers

Evelyn: I feel like I am saying goodbye to lots of things lately...and a trip to the Enzian for a movie and meal felt nostalgic. I will miss this theater, tucked into a little jungle of plants and oaks, where I've had a chance to enjoy foreign movies, something my family was good at exposing me to when I was a preteen, building a deep appreciation for entertainment that doesn't fall under the wings of "Hollywood." While admiring the oaks, the sun settling lower in the sky, I saw the little flowers attached to the spider plants in their gardens and let my mind climb down the small bulbs of blossoms, into the vegetation, and simmer myself in this little niche that houses one of my favorite theaters.

Monica: When I was in Spain last summer, there were fields & fields of sunflowers in bloom across the countryside. I regret not having had an opportunity to wander amongst them with my camera. I love how they are bold in color, fearlessly facing the sun and gentle in spirit, humbly bowed to the earth.

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