Sunday, July 3, 2011


Monica: We drove into Mendocino to get ice cream and I noticed there were tall red, white, and blue banners all over town, marking what I assumed to be the route for tomorrow's 4th of July parade. I was entranced by the sensuous movement of glistening satin waving and curling and dancing in the wind. Such simple beauty.

Evelyn: Infinity is a house guest, taking a vacation from her job as a classroom leopard gecko enduring childish gawks and little hands 9 months out of the year. She took a stroll on the kitchen table in the wee early morning hours as I wrapped up a regroup of my living space; there was still lots to do after tearing down two closets and emptying out endless drawers filled with old school supplies, electronics, software and post-its. She watched curiously my meandering dance between living room, closets, and boxes. She looks pleased at my progress.

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