Saturday, July 16, 2011

Circles & Rounds

Evelyn: I arrived early this morning to Rollins College to volunteer as a "client in crisis" and was greeted by a room filled with goodies for us helpers. I finally have a Rollins Mug and an Alumni sticker for my car, and all kinds of other little Rollins branded knick-knacks. Bagels, delicious, and fresh cherries, delightful. Later I got to watch, via video, what I look like when I communicate anxiety and distress before a good 30+ students, a bit embarrassing and yet, somewhat believable. I wasn't the hardest client, by far, but I did enjoy watching how the students attempted to deescalate my distress. Being there leaves me longing for my Rollins friends and the camaraderie I knew so well during my 3 years. At least there were a few familiar faces to hug on before I was sent on my way into the real world, content, stable, and connected.

Monica: I remember finding this big blue ceramic bead in the garden at my friend Andrew's house the first time I brought Michael to northern California on a road trip. Michael and I were excited to find a handmade object in our favorite color just lying on the ground and asked Andrew if we could keep it. Andrew shrugged, a little surprised by our excitement. "That old thing? I think it fell off of some ratty mobile. Keep it, babe." And so we did. We carried it back to Tucson and hung it on the patio wall outside our kitchen. Then we brought it here and hung it outside across from the herb garden. It's a little thing, but it reminds me of Andrew—his irreverence and humor—every time I see it.

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