Thursday, June 30, 2011

Funky Colors

Evelyn: Several months ago, I got bold with my work and bought a canvas, one that I thought might stretch above the couch to replace a wonderful but violent piece Gary had done years ago. I ended up also needing to buy a second canvas to "extend" the work I had done at some point to match the length of the piece that once hung in that spot.  Regardless, my painting was inspired by Sophie (Scott & Sativa's girl) during their visit last April. Sophie did not let me procrastinate, prodding me with a pencil and suggesting, "Didn't you say you were at least going to just draw something to start," a tender morsel of encouragement that moved me into a full-blown color frenzy. Now I need Sophie to hand me that pencil again for the smaller extension so that my work spans the wall as it was intended. (It doesn't look like it, but this canvas is about 3½ feet long. Funny thing, taking pictures at an angle.)

Monica: This evening Michael and I walked back to the campground where the first session of Nature Day Camp is having its overnight camp. The kids were in their warm colorful pajamas headed toward the campfire for a bit of singing, storytelling, and marshmallow-roasting. I loved watching their glee as they raced toward the fire circle, marshmallow sticks poised, eager to get a seat close to the flames. I loved camping as a kid—the smell of campfire smoke and pine trees, playing games in the woods, swimming in the river, and falling asleep snuggled up to my sister in our very own tent. Camping is more work now as an adult (find the gear, pack the gear, set up the gear, take down the gear, clean the  gear...) but I still enjoy it. It's funny that we have one of the best campgrounds on the coast and we have yet to camp. One of these days....

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