Friday, June 3, 2011

Turf & Surf

Monica: Bliss to me is swimming in warm tropical waters with fins on my feet and a mask on my face. Snorkeling or scuba diving is the closest I've come to the sensation of flying in dreams. There is a weightless soaringness to diving down into the depths and frolicking amidst schools of fish. I live by the sea in California, but the sea there is cold and violent and unwelcoming, unlike the calm balmy waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Today I went snorkeling for the first time in several years (!), and in spite of the poor visibility and unimpressive scenery, I relished it. I became a mermaid all over again, diving down into the depths, peering into crevices, chasing the fish. We had 45 minutes to snorkel, and after about 20, most of the other snorkelers made their way back to the boat to sunbathe on deck. I wasn't the first one in the water, but I was definitely the last one out.

Evelyn: Adventuring to Egmont Key on a Charter (with charming Captain Dennis) for a day of exploring, snorkeling, swimming, and sunning was a highlight of my mini-vacation with Monica. After a rough May, sitting with my feet in the ocean was the most relaxed I have been. A bit mortified of the currents (for snorkeling) I still hung content in the water, enjoying clouds, and diving sea birds, and the tender way in which sea water holds me up and moves me about, careless and warm.

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