Sunday, June 12, 2011

Golden Hues

Evelyn: Lizards are peculiar creatures, small dinosaurs, lavishly decorated with colorful spikes and armor, careful stances of observation or warning. His eyes curious as I walk by his cage. He warms himself in a dark room, under a heat lamp - a soft oasis behind glass, where I wonder how it would be to lay there quietly, under a heat lamp, with eyes and glares behind a sky of glass, moving randomly to observe. Would I also take a stance, make a warning, or hide behind rocks and plants?

Monica: I went for a walk along the Staircase trail in search of the orange sticky monkey flower that one of our Board members told me was growing on the other side of Jug Handle Creek. I found the cluster of flowers but they were all in shade. Instead I turned my camera to the light hitting a dandelion patch just so, highlighting the fine strands of spider webbing hanging between them like little suspension bridges.

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