Monday, June 6, 2011

What Awaits

Evelyn: What can't be said, what isn't spoken, what is held in, what wants release, what remains a secret, what tickles the nose, what brings on a sneeze, what keeps the world curious, what is bottled up, what remains contained.... and he watches me work at my computer, curious about the ways I gesture.

Monica: Finally, I arrived home to my husband, a clean house, freshly laundered sheets, some work to catch up on, and a nearly empty fridge containing the last hints of bachelor food (stick of summer sausage, cheese, and cream for coffee) and a few items left over from my last shopping trip (eggs, carrots, half a lemon). The man apparently survived for 11 days on Cap'n Crunch, chips and salsa, summer sausage, and McDonald's. Of course I asked him, "But did you eat ANY vegetables?" His response: "What for?" When the cat's away, the mice will pig out on junk food. He did admit that he was sick of it and looking forward to my cooking again. Tomorrow he's getting vegetables.

1 comment:

  1. Mr. smart Michael.
    You keep eating that lonely diet, and you will end up suffering like I am suffering right now.
    I been feeling very sleepy and tired for the last few days. I believe this is because I took my health for granted again, so I stared eating all kind of dairy, carbs, and sweets. I should know better. I love you, my two souls.