Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hold Hands

Monica: After a fabulous day of whitewater rafting on the North Fork of the American river (which was a blast), we headed to the Coloma Club for drinks and dancing. I volunteered to be the designated driver, and as I sipped my Shirley Temple, I set out on a mission to collect marital advice from random men and women for our lovely bachelorette. My sobriety didn't hinder my ability to sidle up to complete strangers to ask their marital status and their advice. I got a range of suggestions, from the cynical ("Don't do it!") to the sage ("Don't try to change him") to the raunchy ("Love his dick.") I had my interviewees write their advice on beer coasters (and if they weren't sober enough, I wrote it for them) and then I took their picture. My favorite bit of advice came from Jackie, a woman married 41 years to her high school sweetheart: "HOLD HANDS!"

Evelyn: Through the drone of activity that fills up a P3 weekend, it is always nice to decompress, my camera my excuse to detach for a few moments and look at the world through a different lens—one that pulls me deeply into visions I don't see without an extension tube or macro lens. As I rummaged through all the images Saturday, I was caught up by the way the withering little white flower perched on a sprig looked as if it was about to land, like a bee, in the center of a brilliant sun.

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