Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wining & Dining

Monica: Evelyn and I are in St. Petersburg, staying at friends Les & Delene's beautiful home in the historic part of town. While Delene prepared a delicious dinner of buffalo burgers, steamed broccoli, and salad, I scanned her wine rack and found some wines with fun labels. We savored pro⋅mis⋅Q⋅ous with our meal as we talked about our lives and relationships.

Evelyn: Something about edible adventures are even better when hanging with my sister (the sister I only get to see three times a year for a week, maybe two.) We stopped during our road trip to St. Pete in Ybor City, to fill our bellies, and I was blown away by the Greek yummies we encountered. I didn't order a salad, but Monica shared a bite of her slice of feta and one (count it... 1 of only 2... now that is a sister!) Kalamata olives on her greek salad. I love greek, tangy, black, seeded Kalamata olives. I suppose she did it to get me to stop staring at her salad, or maybe because I emerged from a potty break, clean hands and relieved smile, and pronounced, "Boy, I LOVE Kalamata Olives..."

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