Monday, June 20, 2011

Observe and Judge

Evelyn: In the early morning, while working on my cup of coffee and contemplating heading to my teaching job (don't get me wrong - I love teaching), the one that has me feeling angry and tired and unmotivated, I let Gizmo out for his morning bark and sun bathing. A few scratches at the door and he was letting me know it was time to let him back in, and curiously, he followed his scratches with a snort. Reaching for the handle I was stunned to find a long yellow snake wrapped around the sliding door handle just outside. Gizmo and I made quite a folly out of watching him decide which way he was headed (as long as it wasn't INSIDE). Morning adventures—totally beat my thoughts about my job.

Monica: It's a bit of an inside joke, really, but I had to post something vertically (on a horizontal day) because Evelyn's picture was just too cool. Michael's sister, Sandra Joy, is visiting and when the two of them get together, they spend hours discussing and analyzing and debating the deeper spiritual questions we all wonder about but just don't have the time or energy to think about too much. One thing they've discussed at length is how judgmental we humans are, and how that judgment reflects our deepest judgments of ourselves. Sandra Joy found a greeting card to give to Michael with a picture of a sour-faced old lady on the front and the inside read: "I'm just here to observe and judge." It was apropos and hilarious, so we took a couple of our own pictures to send to some friends who would get the joke, too. 

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