Thursday, June 2, 2011


Evelyn: The new Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg is stunning (arguably the blobs of windows, made of panes of triangles, are just blobs and not representative of his mustache) and I was delighted that one floor kept us busy for almost the entire day—filled with reminders about authentic self expression and capturing the dream-like images that float into consciousness from inspired niches of the mind. I caught Monica walking towards the windows, and found the reflections almost surreal, with Dali-like landscaping, puffy white clouds, and the bends of the glass. Lovely.

Monica: When Evelyn and I get together, we invariably revert to our childhood selves, feigning arguments over the last bite of chocolate or who is hogging more space in bed. When we bought our tickets to the Dali Museum, I noticed a little scavenger hunt sheet at the information desk and I snagged two. The instructions said to complete the hunt and return the sheet to the museum gift store for a prize. We wandered through the museum, our conversation alternating between our adult analytical and childish playful selves, being both reflective and goofy. When we had finished with the exhibits and handed our scavenger hunt forms to the lady at the gift shop desk, we were met with a scornful reprimand that the scavenger hunt was "for children ages 6-12." We gladly put on our "ages 6-12" faces and she relented, handing over the prizes: a Dali-esque mustache for each of us. We then promptly headed outside for a photoshoot. Take THAT, grumpy gift shop lady! 

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