Saturday, June 4, 2011

What Goes & What Stays

Evelyn: My red shoes, sitting empty, in yet another place I can call home away from home. We drove back to Orlando from St. Petersburg today, only to unpack and repack Monica. Regardless, sad as I may be to wave my little sister off, knowing it will be another long stretch until we can play in each others company, there are always calls, and friends, and the planting of my feet on many places along the way that keep me connected, whether it be a thought, or a picture, or the sound of her voice. Meanwhile, my red shoes are busy moving through each day, on different adventures, on different planes, on different footing.

Monica: It's my last day in Florida and I'm dragging my feet, avoiding the inevitable need to pack my things and get ready for tomorrow's early morning flight home. There's a heaviness to leaving that I don't enjoy. I felt it when I left home, in spite of being excited to see my family; I feel it now as I leave my family, in spite of being excited to come home to Michael's open arms. There's a melancholy that overtakes me, reminding me that life is an ongoing series of departures and arrivals, goodbyes and hellos, endings and beginnings.

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