Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where I'm At and Where I'm Going

Monica: Apparently it rained almost the entire time I was in Florida. As I drove home yesterday, I noted the overcast skies and braced myself for the gray. Instead, as I neared the coast, patches of blue sky appeared overhead. A perfect homecoming gift. Thankfully, today was sunny and warm. The little patch of calendula by the wood pile that grew under the shelter of Michael's wheelbarrow was all aglow, a cheerful burst of bright orange joy. 

Evelyn: Where are you going? That is the question that sits on my GPS when I am headed into unfamiliar territory. I often wonder about that, especially now. Why can't I just plug in "California" or "Stable, Happy, Fulfilling Job"? How I navigate things feels so uncertain, as any trip that is unfamiliar, but usually when I get there I am pleased about the journey.

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