Saturday, June 18, 2011

Green Days

Evelyn: This little green orb dangles from a hummingbird wind chime in front of my "office window" and I stare at that thing almost daily when fussing at my computer. What is most fascinating is the way it transforms the world, reflecting the outside in a froggy sort of way. I love seeing things through spheres, orbs, water drops...

Monica:  Camping season has begun. We had a group of 20-somethings arrive on bikes; they're biking from Vancouver, Canada to San Diego. Another set of international travelers from Brazil, Belgium, and Germany showed up, too. It reminded me of my own 20-something years, traveling in different countries with the contents of my backpack my only possessions, staying in youth hostels, meeting other 20-something travelers, surviving on street food or bread and cheese. Seeing the new wave of travelers come through here in the summer inspires me and reminds me that I need to keep venturing beyond my comfort zone into new territories.

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