Sunday, June 5, 2011


Monica: The flight home included a stopover in Houston, an airport I don't recall ever visiting. It was a lovely airport, filled with light and open space and it wasn't too hectic at 8:00 a.m. There was a display in the center of the terminal of children's art, and this piece caught my attention, maybe because of the brilliant blue (my favorite color) and the great big happy face. The artist is a 10-year-old boy named Gabriel Frias. I learned that all the artists are patients in a Houston Children's Hospital for blood disorders. It broke my heart to think of these children with critical illnesses, and the courage and hope expressed in their art.

Evelyn: Wrapped up a day with both grief and joy - sadness over sending Monica back to California, then spending a part of the day catching up with a friend, swing classes, and art night with the girls (with lots of added chatty gossip about our own lives). By far, this has been one of my better breaks from the college - full of adventure and lightness of being. Gratitude for all the energy, the play, the frolic, the creativity, the dance, the sister kisses and giggles, despite our aging changing bodies, it is a wonderful attitude to carry.

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  1. What aging changing bodies? Are you nuts!
    When I look at both of you, my mind goes into the wish mode. If only I could be their age again. The wisdom of this words "Youth is wasted on the young" No matter how old we are, we think older when it comes to our bodies. Our mind does not play that game, because no matter how old we are, our spirit and mind feels always young. Thank God for that!