Friday, June 24, 2011

Celebrating Changes

Evelyn: My car piled with boxes, and plans ripping through my mind—a ginormous list of to-do's and the popping energy that lights me up in anticipation of a lot of change. It is time to shift life up yet again... and an eagerness to do something new feels a bit like a warm plate of brownies.

Monica: My dear friend Adriana is getting married on July 30th. To celebrate, her maid-of-honor planned a three-day bachelorette party camp-out extravaganza for six women. We drove to Coloma, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, where we set up camp, then headed out for some wine-tasting. Let me take a moment to toast Adriana, this precious friend who was my lifeline during the two years we spent as Peace Corps volunteers together in China. We had each other in stitches laughing and we had each other's backs from the first moment we met. It was that laughter and the shared hardships that bound us together as friends. Adriana is disciplined, committed, and loyal. She can be both wild and practical, and she has an unshakeable integrity. She has chosen a kind, generous, and thoughtful man to be her life partner and I'm so looking forward to the day they celebrate their union next month.

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