Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Monica: I went on a cleaning bender today, a frenzy that hits when I need to ground myself. Cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of things helps me to feel centered and clear. (I am also overcome with the urge to clean when I'm mad, so Michael was wondering what he did to set me off today.) While I was cleaning out the bedroom, I found a stack of handkerchiefs that my grandfather, Papito Antonio, hand painted and monogrammed as a gift to me when I was 11. Hand-painted handkerchiefs would normally be something that my minimalist self would toss in the Goodwill bag, but these have survived myriad cleaning frenzies, mainly because they were made with love and care by the grandfather I saw only a handful of times in my life. I remember him bringing me my favorite buƱuelos (small deep-fried balls of bread) and taking me and my sister to the park for Colombian-style snow cones topped with sweet condensed milk. These handkerchiefs and my DNA are all that I have left of him.

Evelyn: The clock ticking sidled with the crunch of a fortune cookie. Fortune cookies are one of the most bland and fun desserts I could enjoy. I vivaciously broke mine, just before realizing how close I was to deadline, to find a synchronous little encouragement: "A fascinating project is in your future..." Go figure!


  1. What a beautiful story, Monica. I am encouraged to think that the love of those we barely know is true and deep, regardless of how well we know them.

  2. Tears came to my eyes when I read your post. I realized how little acts of kindness can make an impact in one's heart. I know how much my Dad loved you and Evelyn and how proud he felt of his( Gringas) grand daughters. I also know your deep love for him. I am so glad you kept those little paƱuelitos that he got for you, long ego.
    Thank you, mi vida.