Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pampering in Paradise

Evelyn: Spending time getting things done... sadly, I hit the gym for two hours, instead of floating down the Wekiva with Monica and Pito. Regardless, the most exciting of today's "task-list undertakings" was Monica's Ponytail Haircut adventure. Apparently Monica can't get a decent haircut in California without spending $100, so, I told her she REALLY needs to move to Florida!

Monica: I spent some quality time with my dad today and he took me to Rock Springs, a gorgeous state park with  freshwater springs that you can float down. There was hardly anyone at the park, so it felt like we had the place to ourselves. Looking up at the brilliant blue sky, cotton white clouds, and emerald green trees as I drifted in the cool, crystal clear water, I felt like I was floating through paradise. 


  1. Now Pito, Are you trying to brag? great picture of you flowing on that cristal clear water. That is called "Living" All you needed was your dog on top(:0)

  2. Monica, I am sure my hair cuts are cheaper over here in CA in compare to FL. ARe they?
    I want to see the results, soon.