Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Monica: We've been having some gloriously sunny and warm spring weather on the coast. I decided to go for a walk at the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse and was rewarded with all kinds of beauty: patches of wild iris blooming along the bluffs, whales spouting and flipping their tales, and two mama seals and their newborn pups sunning themselves in a quiet cove. I found a sunny, windless spot, took off my coat and basked in the warmth of the sun on my skin. It was delicious.

Evelyn: Feeling more centered again... slowly. Can't make sense of how my sanity seems to leak out every few days or so lately, but it does... and a brisk walk with a good friend feels soothing and keeps me connected - or at least connected to my feet. The fountain at Cranes Roost bursts with water to a series of songs, and I sat for 10 minutes watching as I waited for my walking partner. Water always calms me - reminds me of my mermaid days.

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