Monday, May 30, 2011

Working Off the Edibles

Monica: After a day of running errands and decluttering and organizing my sister's kitchen cabinets (a task she deplores which I gleefully take on...oh, how I love to get rid of things), we treated ourselves to some late night bowling with my nephew. I bowled my best score yet (141!), which was especially gratifying considering the last time we went bowling, I scored 37.

Evelyn: Visiting with my sister means gaining a pound or two. I tend to enjoy cheap meals whose glorious edibles I typically don't even cater a thought towards, and the obnoxious guilt that whispers in my ear is quickly tucked away in my back pocket with the added smack on my smacky ass. 

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  1. LMAO.... OK I'm getting hooked on this little duet blog the two of you have. I must say that I enjoy reading the captions for each pic and seeing who is going to be the silliest with their comments. Clearly you both have lots of personality. The "smacky ass" thing had me cracking up. Glad you are enjoying yourself on the west coast.


    Your Ukulele Guy