Friday, May 27, 2011

"Pro" in Procrastination

Evelyn: My dad wears goofy shirts. It is expected that he will wear something to any event, any date, that will get someone's attention. I thought it was cute that he greeted Monica this morning with his "I put the 'pro' in procrastination" shirt (the shirt Monica needs) and promptly asked if it was time to finally get our pedicures. I love my dad!

Monica: Our dad treated us to lunch and spa pedicures today (THANK YOU, PITO!), where he sat between us as a captive subject for today's photo. I had to grab my camera when I saw him quietly grimacing, then contorting his face and snorting as he tried to suppress the ticklishness resulting from the pedicurist scrubbing the undersides of his feet with a pumice stone. He was so cute, trying to endure an obviously uncomfortable sensation for the sake of smooth, well-groomed feet. I think he got a taste of the meaning behind the adage: beauty is pain.

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