Friday, May 13, 2011


Evelyn: It's hopeful, it's not. Eager, then disappointed. It's swallowed, then back up. It's painless, then painful. We're awake, then asleep, then awakened, then returned to slumber. I'm feeling more settled, then back to concerned. This journey of healing is SO unpredictable. 

Monica: This evening, a visit to the Caspar Community Garden and I was surprised to see the strawberries are already ripe for picking. Our strawberry patch is just barely past the flowering stage. Why is that? Does the garden across the road get more sunshine, or water, or love? I wandered past the strawberries to this lovely patch of borage mingling with yellow daisies. The light was fading fast and I was lucky to photograph them just in time. One minute more and the light in the garden would be flattened by shadow. 

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