Monday, May 16, 2011


Monica: It rained all day today and I spent way too much time lazing about doing nothing. I waited till the last light was fading from the sky to take pictures today, which meant I had to break out my tripod to shoot in low light. I'm not a huge fan of using a tripod. It requires too much adjusting, tilting, locking down, tightening, twisting, and releasing, not to mention hauling around another piece of equipment.  I must admit, however, that using a tripod makes me feel like a pro. There's just something about standing there fussing with the tripod and framing the picture just so, then pressing the button on my cable release to capture the shot.

Evelyn: I had just whined to Monica that there are no exotic flowers to be found in Orlando without going to a garden—it is swamp and Home Depot Garden Variety flowers. Then, THEN... I was walking out of Dandy and caught a glimpse of what I thought was a purple fan, and discovered this twisted little gem poking her face out from the foliage. Proved me wrong. I haven't been out much, I guess.

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  1. Evely, That is a passion fruit vine flower. I love it! The have several varieties of colors and sizes of this flower, especially, in Costa Rica.
    Monica. Procrastination killed the cat. Rain is richness to all, so maybe it is time to get pictures of the rain. I love you, both. Good job!