Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Goods

Monica: My mom bought this leather bag for me at a village market in Colombia last year. Like everything she's ever brought back from Colombia, it is well-made, unique, beautiful, and perfectly useful. I love it. When I graduated from college, I bought myself a simple brown leather work bag that happened to be made in Colombia. It was a symbolic gift to mark my passage into the "real world" of working for a living. I loved that it was made in my mother's native country and that I was carrying a piece of my heritage with me to work every day. The bag was a workhorse for over 11 years. Once I had to take it into the shoe repair shop to have the strap restitched when it broke and eventually it got so worn-looking that even I could see it didn't look "professional" anymore. I eventually donated it to a thrift store and bought myself a new work bag that I didn't like nearly as much (made in China), but which was more practical and polished. Now that my work no longer entails going to an office job every day, that bag is retired to a box in the closet (just in case I have to go back to an office job some day) and my new work bag is this lovely hand-stitched one, embellished with a seedpod button and handmade beads. It's me to a tee and once again I get to carry a bit of my heritage with me every day.

Evelyn: Our latest adventure, aside from spending a chunk of the day avoiding grading and watching movies (Karate Kid, Imaginary Friends), we ordered delivery of Jimmy Johns, as Hospital Cafeteria Food was not doing it for me. I THOUGHT I missed it, but decided I didn't after a disastrous apple fritter belch-fest. Healthy option was the Turkey with avocado and cucumbers on a lovely fresh-baked whole grain bread.

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