Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Monica: I arrived at the Oakland Airport three hours before my flight. I knew I'd be sitting in a cramped seat for the next 6 hours, so I walked up and down the terminal in search of things to photograph. I loved this crane mural on a bank of windows and shot a bunch of pictures of people walking in front of them as I rode the moving walkway across from them.

Evelyn: Rio is glamorous. So is Jamie, but she was better at hiding behind Rio's feathers. I dropped myself at Jamie's to decompress after work, expecting to pick up Monica a few hours later. Jamie fed me, hugged me, and later invited me out to snap pictures of Rio just as the light gathered its brilliance in the evening. Rio's feathers practically exploded with color in such an impressive way that I wished I could crawl under them and gaze, much like star-gazing, but Rio gazing.

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