Saturday, May 14, 2011

Necessary Objects

Monica: I've had this fork since my sophomore year of college, when my grandmother gave me some of her extra cookware and utensils to get started living on my own. Michael discovered it one day and it became his "favorite" fork for grilling. A few months ago, one of the rivets broke, and I tossed it in the trash, thinking there was no way to fix it. With chagrin, Michael dug it out of the trash and continued to use it even though it kept coming apart. (Meanwhile, my stepdad and I tried to find him a new "favorite" grilling fork at thrift stores and antique shops. Michael got three new forks, but none of them were quite right.) After hearing one too many threats to toss it again, he finally took it up to his workshop and "fixed" it with a nut and bolt through the rivet hole. "As good as new!" he proclaimed. And now Grandma's fork is back in the utensil drawer.

Evelyn: This has been my life all week, however today we got to go into the "Teen Room" to play with the Wii. Justin hit Guitar Hero, and it felt good to see him joking and playing. Had a visit from Chris (Rubik's Cube Genius) and two trips to the Cafeteria. I think if his food stays down we may see the doors tomorrow, then I can take photos from outside this space.

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