Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home at Last

Monica: After two weeks and 3,000+ miles, we are home again. The Mendocino coast greeted us with clear skies and a rare dramatic sunset. I whipped out my camera just as we were crossing over the Noyo harbor bridge to capture this moment, realizing this is the last November day I will call this place home.

Evelyn: I drove home in the dark. That means the likelihood of an outdoor photograph is shot. I move into the safety and comfort of my little house with pizza in hand, sit down with a modest glass of wine, and begin the dismantling of my day: first my boots, my bags, my devices, my makeup, my email... then slowly off come the little things that I love - that decorate my being in ways only I know. A favorite pair of earrings, my flowery-stripy sisterly socks, all settling in with me as I write and read in the dim light of my office.

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