Thursday, November 3, 2011

At The Edge

Evelyn: The building where I work is surrounded by jungle, and that jungle manages to  creep onto the edges of the of world of work, resistant to the asphalt, glass, and rubber that are in denial of it. Even one of our welcome mats outside the building is completely moss covered... like a reminder to take off my shoes and breathe in the fresh air before I enter the abyss that is office and paper.

Monica: When I woke up this morning and opened the shade in our bedroom,  I saw that it had rained overnight. The rainy season has begun and my afternoon walk confirmed that the wet season is here. Little villages of mushrooms have sprung up from the leaf- and needle-strewn forest floor and raindrops have remained beaded on blades of grass and flower petals throughout the day. The sun isn't warm enough to evaporate them. The scent of forest overpowers the scent of ocean. Just yesterday it was sunny and warm inland. Today it feels like the onset of winter.

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