Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks Giving

Monica: I'm so thankful for what has turned out to be a very good year. There's a lot of change swirling in the air, for myself as well as for my loved ones. My sister got a new job and a new home in a sweet little seaside town I have yet to visit. My mother's health has improved, allowing her and my step-dad to take off on a two-month adventure through southeast Asia in January. My best friend is expecting her first child in May. Michael and I were hired to be be the new General Managers for Wilbur Hot Springs starting next year and we'll have an opportunity to do some traveling of our own. There have been unexpected surprises and new experiences and simple pleasures. I am especially thankful to be spending this holiday in my mother's home, surrounded by the familiar sounds and smells and textures and warm love of my family.

Evelyn: I have had the house to myself most the day, up early to start work on Thanksgiving to share. I find myself dancing between rooms and tasks to my blues-jazz-swing-folk compilation, joyful at the gift I am concocting in my kitchen, and with deep gratitude that I am loved. I miss having my whole family together, as Thanksgivings together are always in a collaborative spirit - everyone chatting and cooking together, joyful and busy. Yet, somewhere I feel them moving through my kitchen with me, in spirit, while they busily tend to their own antics in California, and I dance with their shadows, laughing that I can hold that feeling. Then later, sit with my son, my Pito, and my good friend Les (whose wife had to be away this year) to fatten our bellies with my favorite meal of the year.

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