Sunday, November 6, 2011

Surface Tangles

Monica: I spent much of the day deep cleaning our home—dusting surfaces, clearing cobwebs, getting rid of things I haven't used in ages. By the time I finished, it was nearly 2:00. I hadn't eaten anything since the coffee and two slices of toast I had for breakfast and I was too tired to even think of cooking (or messing with my freshly sparkling kitchen.) Michael took me to lunch at North Coast Brewery and the afternoon light was just right to capture reflections on the polished wood table across the way.

Evelyn: I had a beach walk with a  high-school friend, catching up with the trust and fluidity that a good friendship can sustain, despite years and years of distance. It was warm, learning about each others lives, laughing and sharing stories about the lives of others in our old gang or our new gangs. Even in the tangles of life, it is interesting how things connect, how we recognize the teen and the young adult in each of us, despite hitting 40, and maintain a familiar smile.

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