Saturday, November 12, 2011


Monica: Small sacred reminders are everywhere. I believe this one is true; too many wishes detract from being present in the moment.

Evelyn: I got to hang around my area of the world for part of my weekend—which has only happened roughly 3-4 times since I moved here in August. A morning adventure landed me in Tarpon Springs, settled by the Greeks. It is home to sponge fishing and the "Epiphany Festival" in February where they toss a huge cross into the Bayou and tons of boys dive in to find it. We checked out the Bayou as well, which had a pod of manatee lounging about keeping warm and panic stricken fish tossing themselves about here and there. I loved the textures and variety of sponges along shops downtown, which made for some enthralling pictures, and I enjoyed the opportunity to walk under the warm sun and discover the fun things to do on the west coast.

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