Sunday, November 20, 2011

Magic Discoveries

Monica: An allergic reaction to my sister-in-law's cats sent us to her best friend's house to stay while in town. Willow & Richard's house is spacious, uncluttered, and filled with light--literally. In their living room, they have a beautiful collection of metal star lamps hanging at various levels that is pure magic.

Evelyn: I took a very long walk on the beach today, pressing my feet into the sand, dodging waves, and wiggling my toes in random clumps of seaweed. The beach is ever-changing, and my return to Symrna warm, like an old friend, bringing forth new treasures to photograph. I discovered on my walk that I had forgotten to replace my SD card, so I took "finger shots" when I saw something I liked. I was grateful for the backup card I returned to the car to gather up, so I could capture the strange, pearl-like layer in a translucent shell caught in seaweed.

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