Monday, November 14, 2011

Shadow Play

Monica: We spent the day getting things checked off our long to-do list as we prepare for leaving on vacation in a day or two. This included a 4-hour stop at Starbucks to download an enormous map update for our GPS. I passed the time reading and at one point I looked out the window and noticed these multi-colored pansies kissed by sunlight and shadow. I took a break to go outside and say hello to them and admire their perfect design.

Evelyn: Playing with shadows with the kidlet...and the bribe? A trip to GameStop. The series of photos are captivating—a bit like something I might see out of the corner of my eye, creeping up behind me in a dream, or a stealthy zombie coming for my brains. The light warm, luminescent, and well-placed for long, lanky, spidery shadows.

1 comment:

  1. Evelyn, great picture of your off spring. I enjoy this blog so much. Thank you for your perseverance with keeping all of us going with the beautiful pictures and fascinating blog.