Sunday, November 27, 2011

Left Behind

Evelyn: I had a visit that graciously interrupted my isolation this weekend. We disappeared in the late afternoon for a nice walk on Clearwater beach. Later, we plunked ourselves in the sand, cameras at attention to capture the sunset, wildlife, and interesting people wrapping up their Thanksgiving weekend. It felt sweet and warm to be caught in the embrace of friends, and not feel quiet so isolated on the quiet walk I have taken these last few days.

Monica: We decided to take our time and the scenic route home—Highway 101 to Highway 1 up the coast through Big Sur. We stopped in Lucia around 3:00 and rented a cute little cabin by the sea. We hiked up a hill to settle ourselves on a bench and watch the sunset. Numerous others before us had visited the same spot and etched their initials in the wood railing. We decided to add ours to the mix, using a sharp stone we found nearby.

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