Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Different Art

Evelyn: "Sunny" the ambulance, part of an unexpected adventure to the Sunstar Ambulance Command Center. I enjoyed a turkey dinner, and a tour, in the late evening, amazed at the efficiency of the paramedic teams, and the cool blue command center where calls and chess plays among grids of the county are lit up on screens. Sunny, part of the educational programs, a friendly face among many.

Monica: Yesterday we drove 14 hours to a little town near Palm Springs and spent the night, so today we could do a little sightseeing. We visited Palm Springs to check out the mid-century modern architecture and maybe catch a glimpse of the house John Lautner designed for Bob Hope. (We did.) Afterward, we headed to Joshua Tree to check out the funky, artsy little town in the desert. We stopped at the Noah Purifoy  Sculpture Garden just after sunset and wandered through a surreal landscape of found-art sculptures interspersed amidst cactus and Joshua trees.

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