Saturday, November 19, 2011


Evelyn: Seems I get lots of adventures on the weekends. A quick stop into Sam Ash, and I was drawn to the huge wall of electric guitars, as high as a second story. All to the background and buzz of people trying out instruments; some unorganized and ragged, and others liquid, mesmerizing, and melodic.

Monica: Sitting on the front porch of my sister-in-law's apartment, I watch a flurry of activity around her hummingbird feeder. There's always one greedy little bird that has to defend the feeder from everyone else. When he's had his fill of sugar water, he perches on a not-too-distant branch to keep an eye on it. If anyone else gets near, he comes buzzing in with an angry screech, chasing the other bird(s) away. I sat still with my camera, waiting for a lucky shot.

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